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The Three (3) ‘C’s’ To Success CHOICE,CHANCE, CHANGE 

Do you ever feel like something in your life isn’t quite right? Then you are ready for a change. You may have realized you need to change something for quite some time now, yet everything remains the same.

In interviewing thousands of individuals over the years there is one major common ground between everyone. I have spent this week going though notes and the internet trying to nail down the message I wanted to deliver.

It’s very simple … how can you expect the outcome of your happiness, life, or daily obstacles to be different if you do nothing to change it.

Everyone has the ability to be successful, but not everyone WILL

  •  Maybe you are tired of working 60 hours a week and still struggling.
  •  Perhaps you do not want to depend on anyone
  • Are you 100% content with where you are right now?

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ACAS Academy of Cosmetic Arts and Sciences permanent makeup training school, reviews rotary verses digital machines


ACAS academy permanent markup school reviews digital vs rotary machines. How can you tell the difference

You can learn 3-D digital permanent makeup techniques at ACAS Academy .Please educate yourself on the difference.
How can you tell a Rotary Machine from a True Digital Permanent makeup Machine?

What is the difference between rotary permanent makeup equipment and state-of-the-art digital equipment?

Many companies market themselves as digital, or digital control but how can you tell if you are truly purchasing a digital machine.
Well, the true Digital Permanent Makeup machines are considered the “Rolls Royce” of all permanent makeup equipment and are only manufactured in GERMANY (like BMW) not china.

German Digital Permanent Makeup machines are what most professionals in our industry use. Although what may seem like a hefty price tag (from $2795-$3500) you will deliver excellent pigment retention, quick procedure time, less swelling and minimal touch ups. As a result, more satisfied clients and more referrals.

A rotary machine can be easily separated from a digital if you know what to look for.

Does the hand piece (pen) plug directly into the power source (plug or wall outlet) is it battery operated or wireless (rechargeable Batteries)? If yes, then it is not a True German Digital Machine it is a rotary. Be especially aware of machines coming out of China the quality tends to be extremely poor, and does not come with a warranty.

Even worse if they are not a reputable business and go under, you will have to purchase a whole new system as to needles are not universal. Company’s like Kanagawa market themselves as digital when it is just battery operated they retail for $49-$55 a piece.

Big difference from the medical precision quality of a true digital machine. The needles come in a cartridge that is pre-sterilized, so there is no need for an autoclave. It self adjusts and maintains the same speed , kind of like a car on cruise control going uphill, you can hear the engine rev up yet it maintains the same speed you set it on. The digital Permanent makeup machine is the same concept. A true German Digital Machine is easily detected from a fake….

The Hand Piece (pen), on a true digital machine should plug into a digital unit (about the size of a microdermabrasion machine), and that unit plugs into the power outlet (plug or wall outlet). The digital unit controls the speed and precision of the needle in the hand piece. Plain and simple, it is the brains of your equipment. If your equipment is not plugged into anything but a wall or operated by a battery then it’s machine that can only be adjusted by the technician.

Rotary equipment is a great backup to digital so technicians should know both methods since the likely hood of owning two (2) digital machines is unlikely due to cost factor.

Learning permanent makeup from a licensed accredited institution is crucial. ACAS Academy permanent makeup training school offers both beginning and advances permanent cosmetic classes serving FL, GA, OH, RI, NY, MA, NC, SC, IL, PA, Miami, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, West Palm Beach, Tampa, Sarasota, Fort Myers


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Have you Lashed Out yet? Semi Permanent Eyelash Extension Training

ACAS ACADEMY introduces Devilash Eyes

Eyelash Extensions before and after

What’s all the fuss ? 24-7 beauty is on the rise in the 21st century women want to wake up polished with little daily effort.

Face it, we live in a world where women want what they want yesterday. The daily application of makeup, eyelashes, and eyebrows can be a costly, time-consuming process.

With luxury boutique services on the rise women now have more options to satisfy their cravings for beauty that do not require daily maintenance.

One short trip to an eyelash extension specialist and within a few relaxing hours they can walk out with luscious, flirty, long-lasting eyelashes. No more curling, daily applications of lash strips, or tons of mascara.

Eyelash extensions combined with a little permanent cosmetic makeup (eyeliner, eyebrows, and / or lipliner) leave women with very little to do. Wake up gorgeous and go. Maybe a bit of powder and lip gloss and you’re out the door.

These services do not come cheap but the time, convenience, and effortless beauty it provides women of all ages and lifestyles is priceless. A client can expect the initial application to be about 1 1/2 – 2 1/2 hours and approximately $150 – $250 per hour for a full set and eyelash extension fills run about $75-$150. Client’s quickly grow accustomed to their time in the mirror now being spent just appreciating their new beauty.

Considering lash extensions and permanent makeup compliment each other well , a permanent makeup service is not designed to be performed 40 hours a week. With prices ranging from about  $250 – $1000 and up (an average of $625 pr procedure), a permanent makeup artist only needs to perform a few services a week to earn full-time pay.

In between these services offering your clients fabulous lashes keeps them coming back consistently for their lash fix (fills) which in turn equals a constant stream of revenue for the technician.

ACAS Academy is anything but your “typical” school we are committed in offering our students a multitude of cutting edge cosmetic enhancement programs. Licensed by the Florida Department of Education, Commission of Independent Education #3954 we offer programs that niche and unique.  Whether you have an existing business or are ready to create one from the start specializing in these high-end – luxury boutique services can bring you unlimited earning potential.

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ACAS Academy Permanent Makeup Lead Instructor Christine Gallowan

ACAS Academy Top Permanent Makeup Instructor

ACAS ACADEMY’S Lead Permanent Makeup Instructor

Christine Gallowan, ACAS Academy of Cosmetic Arts and Sciences, lead permanent makeup Instructor talks about Cosmetic and Medical Tattooing



Learn Permanent Makeup

ACAS Academy Permanent Cosmetic Makeup School Offering the latest techniques and reviews in Cosmetic Tattooing

permanent makeup eyeliner, eyebrows or lips?  Not sure where to begin?  Your first step would be to find a permanent makeup artist with the right experience, training, and credentials.

Because permanent makeup is an invasive procedure, permanent makeup artists should have received their training from a reputable licensed permanent makeup school.  Ask the permanent makeup artist where they attended school and asked to see their credentials. Do they hold a Diploma or a Certificate ? A diploma can only be issued by a licensed school with the Department of Education.

Highly qualified technicians should be able to readily supply proof of graduation from a recognized school with Department of Education, Proof of Malpractice Insurance, Proof of a current Bloodborne Pathogens / Universal precaution certification, Technician License (If Applicable) and Establishment License (if Applicable).

Any reputable permanent makeup artist should be able to produce a portfolio and client references of their work.  Portfolios should show photos of before a client’s procedure and an after shot of the procedure.

Ask the technician about the equipment they use.  Do they use disposable needles, etc?  Observe the area where the permanent makeup application will be performed.  Is it organized, clean, and sterile?  Technicians should follow the strictest of hygiene guidelines at all times!  An organized permanent makeup artist will ask about medical history prior to offering you a procedure.  This is necessary to ensure you are a candidate for permanent makeup.

Overall, get a feel for the artist.  Ask lots of questions during your consultation.  If you feel uncomfortable with the artist in the consultation chances are there is a reason.

Once you have chosen a permanent makeup artist that meets all the correct criteria schedule your procedure appointment and enjoy the freedom of permanent makeup!

Please visit   ACAS Academy Permanent Cosmetic Makeup Graduates  to find a qualified technician in your area

ACAS Academy of Cosmetic Arts and Sciences License #3954 Florida Department of Education, Commission of Independent Education.

ACAS Academy Becoming Successful and Staying Successful with your Permanent Makeup career

Lead Instructor Christine Gallowan

Learn paramedical Tattooing . Recreate life like areola’s with dimension .

ACAS Academy of Cosmetic Arts and Sciences provides education WITH RESULTS to individuals desiring a career in Cosmetics, Permanent Makeup Training, Medical Tattooing, Paramedical Micropigmentation, Areola Repigmentation, Makeup Artistry, Media Makeup/Airbrushing and Semi-Permanent Lash Extensions.

Our Mission is simple

Becoming Successful and Staying Successful

As a result of the high expectations and standards of ACAS Academy, Pride and Professionalism are instilled in our Graduates.These standards of excellence are exceeded and evidenced by the success rate of our graduates and the growth of ACAS Academy earning us top reputation reviews as an industry leader maintaining a stellar placement ratio over 96.2% with the department of education.

ACAS Academy of Cosmetic Arts and Sciences is different from your typical school. We setup our graduates


– Comprehensive Marketing
– Business Planning (establishing DBA or LLC)
– Malpractice insurance
– Merchant Services
– Web site design and seo
– Florida Tattoo Law

– Assistance in your Tattoo Artist License/ Establishment License (FL Law)
– Refreshers and Continuing Education
– Question Hotline Available
– Post graduate alumni support
– Step by step business plan to get you started.You will be well rounded in the total aspects of what it takes to be successful in addition to learning a lucrative trade in permanent makeup cosmetic enhancements.